The LEOSS.sero-survey platform


The purpose of the LEOSS.sero-survey platform is to establish an open research forum and information environment, focusing on knowledge sharing, creating and fostering activities. Furthermore, LEOSS.sero-survey provides a general overview of research activities about seroprevalence studies.

Overview of seroprevalence studies

The platform will provide an overview of all participating studies, including:

  • Study Population,
  • Time of sampling,
  • Total population in the area,
  • Research questions,
  • Diagnostic test,
  • When the start of sampling is expected,
  • Funding source, and
  • When first results are expected

Later stages

All contributing researchers will have the opportunity to submit anonymized aggregated data and perform a meta-analysis with the data that other researchers also share.

Website concept

The general web page concept is split into the general public site and the service environment only participating researcher can use.

Website Concept

Overview of SARS-COV-2 studies seroprevalence in context of the worldwide  COVID-19 pandemie. You can register a study here: Contribute
@serohub on Twitter
hzi-braunschweig/serohub on GitHub